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While the Adam Smith Institute's policy core exists to encourage the development of free markets, and its International Division advises governments directly, the Conference Division represents the public face of the Institute's work, bringing together senior government figures and business leaders at international meetings to discuss the many complex and important issues that arise in the course of global progress towards a market economy.

Believing that open discussion will lead to open markets, the Conference Division does not set out to preach or proselytize, but approaches the problems of economic development in an objective way, structuring events to permit the widest possible interchange of ideas. Many of the issues that concern businesspeople arise at the interface between government regulation and commerce. Taxes, tariffs, employment legislation, licences, reporting requirements, prudential and fiduciary laws, contract law and insolvency law are just some of the most troublesome areas. It is a particular feature of Adam Smith Institute conferences that government ministers, officials and international regulators responsible for legislation choose to attend in order to explain and discuss their programmes with senior executives and company advisers.

Since the Confernce Division began operations, the main focus has been on market developments in Eastern Europe and the republics of the Former Soviet Union; today, our attention is increasingly being devoted to the problems of world trade and international capital markets. More than 20 highly-successful major international events take place each year, their importance and relevance being illustrated by the high calibre of the speakers who have attended recent events.

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