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25th to 26th June 1996
Second International Conference and Exhibition
Telecommunications Development in Azerbaijan, Kazakstan, Kyrgystan, Tajikistan, Tatarstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan
Polat Renaissance Hotel, Instanbul

Conference Programme

Monday 24th June 1996

18.00 Opening Reception, Polat Renaissance Hotel

Day 1, Tuesday, 26th June 1996

08.00 Registration and Coffee

09.00 Official Opening
Key-Note Speech: Oner Barutcu, Minister of Telecommunications, Turkey*

09.15 Chairman's Introduction.

09.20 Session A. Integrating the Central Asian Republics into the global telecommunications network: Regulatory and Investment Issues.

The role of international regulatory bodies in assisting the Central Asian Republics with the development of a modern national infrastructure: technical support and training programmes.

Fintan Supple, Project Manager, Irish Telecom Investment International
Nikolai Malishev, Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry, OECD
Yuli Wexler, Regional Director C&EE and CIS, Intelsat
Kathleen Collins, Director Central Europe and NIS, International Bureau, Federal Communications Commission*

Investment strategies: What progress has been registered since last year? - Which are the main areas of investment? - Raising finance on an international basis: the role of credit agencies in supporting infrastructure development; increasing the level of participation of commercial banks and investment funds; encouraging partial ownership of local enterprises by western telecoms companies - Finding local funding solutions: adopting higher business tariffs, issuing national voucher schemes, privatising the local telecom operator.

Clell Harral, Director, Telecommunications Sector, EBRD*
Hugh Lantzke, Regional Telecommunications Manager Eastern Europe and Central Asia, The World Bank
Cengiz Bulut, Director General, Turkish Telecom

11.00 Coffee and Refreshments

11.30 Session B. Creating and Developing A Modern Telecommunications Infrastructure.

An update on the most recent changes in the national telecommunications laws - is privatisation increasingly seen as the solution for updating an obsolete telecommunications network? - What does a foreign investor need to know when entering a licensing agreement in this area?

  • Re-assessing domestic and international tariff levels to achieve higher competitiveness.
  • W E Butler, Partner, White & Case
    Erjan Sagyndykov, President, Kazakh Telecom*
    Tanju Argun, Managing Director, Netas

    12.30 Official Luncheon

    14.00 Session C. Technical Cooperation Programmes and Development Opportunities.

    Developing profitable telecommunications systems in the republics according to their specific needs - Which are the technological solutions most suited to each area? ~Are mobile systems gaining in popularity? - Who are the key players in the market?

  • digital fixed networks
  • radio communications
  • fibre optics
  • mobile communications (including GSM)
  • Lutfi Yenel, General Manager, Alcatel Teletas
    Yuri Sneshkov, General Director, Uzdunrobita
    Dr Arnold Hornfield, Managing Director, Simko
    Mariana Groseva, Regional Sales Manager, E Europe & Central Asia, Nera
    John Brewer, General Director, Buzton
    Peter Tamm, Mobile Systems Marketing, Ericsson*
    Kwang Hun Suh, General Manager, Overseas Business Department 1, Hanwa*

    15.30 Coffee and Refreshments

    16.00Session C. (continuation)

  • satellite communications: network operation and applications
  • data communications
  • VASs (paging, e-mail, banking services)
  • John Malcolm, General Manager Indo-China and CIS, Telstra Corporation
    James Welch, Vice President, Sprint Networks
    Pulat Umarov, Managing Director, Kamalak Paging
    Levi Zelkind, Managing Director, Central and E Europe and CIS, ECI

    17.30 Close of Day 1

    18.30 official Cocktail Reception

    Day 1, Wednesday, 26th June 1996

    08.00 Registration and Coffee

    09.00 Chairman's Introduction.

    09.10 Session D. National governments' efforts to create and develop modem telecommunications infrastructures in the region.

    Is breaking the PTT's monopoly a good solution at this stage of development? - Future strategies and privatisation plans - What has been achieved so far and what new policies have been adopted? - Privatisation vs. State Ownership - How to attract more western investment?

    Siruz Abasbeyli, Minister of Telecommunications, Azerbaijan
    Sapargali Shaimuhanov, Director, Telecommunications Department, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Kazakhstan
    Abdujapar Tagaev, Minister of Telecommunications, Kyrgystan
    Nuridtin Muhidinov, Minister of Telecommunications, Tajikistan
    Rinat Zalialov, Minister of Telecommunications, Republic of Tatarstan
    Asharberdy Cherkezov, Minister of Telecommunications, Turkmenistan
    Tafir Rakhimov, Minister of Telecommunications, Uzbekistan

    10.30Coffee and Refreshments

    11.00 Session E. Practical experiences of local operators, companies and joint ventures in setting up and running a local telecommunications practice.

    Which factors affect the choice of partners in local joint ventures and joint stock companies?- Which are the preferred areas of cooperation and why? - Providing high-level services to public and corporate users, a prerequisite of a modern communications network.

    Erjan Sagyndykov, President, KazakhTelecom*
    Saolbor Alymkurov, Director General, Kyrgyz Telecom
    Iman Hummedov, Director General, Turkmen Telecom*
    Pahir Bikmetov, Director General, Uzbek Telecom
    Rasik Aliev, Director General, Az Telecom
    Yan Dribinski, Co-President, and Patrick Dunne, Co-President, Becet
    Lenard Shaidulin, Director General, Tatincom

    12.30 Official Luncheon

    14.00 Session E Business users of private telecommunications networks: Practical experiences and requirements.

    What types of telecommunications services are more suitable from the user's point of view? - How does one choose an adequate service provider ? - What are the user's technical requirements?

    15.30 Closing Cocktail.

    *=Awaiting final confirmation. Other speakers to be determined from names shown

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