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9th & 10th July 1996
The Second International Conference on:
Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare in the Central Asian States of the Former Soviet Union and the Caucasian Republics
The Renaissance Hotel, Instanbul

An in-depth analysis of present needs and future prospects for pharmaceutical and healthcare developments

Over 35 Top Speakers from East and West Include: Mr H Cetin, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Turkey, Mr R Sultanov, Deputy Minister of Health, Uzbekistan, Mr M Kulzhanov, Deputy Minister of Health, Kazakstan, Mr Diorbenadze, Minister of Health, Georgia, TBN, Deputy Minister of Health, Turmenistan, Mr I Dzholdubaev, Deputy Minister of Health, Kyrghyzstan, Mr A Grigoryan, Deputy Minister of Health, Armenia, Ms Z Khuseinova, Deputy Minister of Health, Azerbaijan,

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