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9th & 10th July 1996
The Second International Conference on:
Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare in the Central Asian States of the Former Soviet Union and the Caucasian Republics
The Renaissance Hotel, Instanbul

Conference Programme

DAY ONE: 9th July 1996

08.30 Registration

09.15 Welcome Address by Chairman: Mr R T Sultanov, First Deputy Minister of Health, Ministry of Health, Uzbekistan

Session One: Current situation in the healthcare/pharmaceutical sector in the Central Asian and Caucasian States of the FSU. Steps taken by Governments towards healthcare reforms.

  • The potential of the healthcare market in the Central Asian and Caucasian Republics.
  • Which way is the market developing?
  • Is the industry responsive to the changes?
  • Cooperation with other countries in restructuring the health care system
  • Opportunities for western investors
  • Mr H Cetin, Former Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Turkey
    Mr R Sultanov First Deputy Minister of Health, Ministry of Health, Uzbekistan
    Mr M Kulzhanov, Deputy Minister of Health, Ministry of Health, Kazakhstan
    Mr Diorbenadze, Minister of Health, Ministry of Health, Georgia

    10.30 Coffee

    11.00 SessionTwo: The privatisation process in the health care sector.

  • Restructuring the healthcare sector.
  • How far has the industry been privatised ?
  • Is there competition between state and private sectors?
  • Overcoming difficulties on the way to privatisation.
  • Experience of private companies already working in the area.
  • Mr A Grigoryan, Deputy Minister of Health, Ministry of Health, Armenia
    Mr R Eshmanbetov, Deputy Chairman of the Board, State Property Fund, Kyrghyzstan
    Ms Z Khuseinova, Deputy Minister of Health, Ministry of Health, Azerbaijan

    12.15 Lunch

    13.45 SessionThree: Financing the health care sector. Health Insurance.

  • Introduction of health insurance.
  • Pricing and reimbursement issues
  • Pricing and structure; barter deals
  • Who is responsible for setting prices at the moment?
  • The development of new incentive provider payment systems such as fundholding primary care practices and the introduction of healthy city programmes, insurance and user fees
  • Mr I Dzholdubaev, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Health, Kyrghyzstan
    Mr T Imanbaev, President, National Health Insurance Fund, Kazakhstan

  • Situation with credits and loans
  • Mr D Broun, Healthcare Specialist, the World Bank, Washington*
    Mr A Kilicoglu, Deputy GeneraI Manager, Turk EXIM Bank, Turkey
    Ms C Phillips, Principal banker, Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan Department, EBRD, London*
    *=invited speaker

    15.00 Session Four: The climate for investments in the region

  • How much risk still attaches to investment in the Central Asian and Caucasian areas? Is it balanced by the long-term advantages?
  • The legislative regime for foreign investment; rules for joint ventures, permitted ownership shares, repatriation of profit, currency rules
  • Working with local partners: what is typically needed from each party; what can be expected from the local operator; what will the investor have to supply?
  • Setting up pharmaceutical production facilities; developing manufacturing technology
  • Import duties and other taxes for domestic and foreign importers
  • Mr C Brunner, Marketing Director, Pharmadule AB & Pharmacia, Sweden
    Mr Sh Karimov, Chairman of the Board, UzbekHoechst Pharma, Uzbekistan
    Mr A Kejdiwal, General Director, Ajanta Pharma, India*
    *=invited speaker

    16.00 Tea

    16.15 Session Five: Legislation.affecting the pharmaceutical sector; registration procedures

  • Ensuring the safety efficacy and quality of drugs
  • Clinical trial procedures
  • Registration procedures; initiatives towards standardization of procedures
  • Intellectual property issues; problems of piracy
  • Mr Abdrakhmanov, General Director, Quality Control Committee, Kazakhstan
    Mr U Zakirov, Chairman, Pharmacological Committee, Uzbekistan

  • Intellectual property issues
  • Mr A Evans, Partner, Clifford Chance, Moscow*
    *=invited speaker

    17.45 Cocktail Party

    DAY TWO: 10th July 1996

    09.00 Session One Development of the local and regional pharmaceutical industry

  • Present condition of the industry
  • The impact of healthcare reform programmes on local industry
  • Government programmes for local pharmaceutical industrial development
  • Balancing the use of protectionist policies with the need for foreign investment
  • Specific Measures and opportunities for inward investors to support local development
  • A review of experimental reforms taking place in Central Asia
  • Mr S Asatov, General Director, Uzkhimpharm,Uzbekistan
    Mr T Rakishev, General Director, Romat, Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan
    Mr B Tokochev, General Director, Biopharm, Kyrghyzstan

    10.00 SessionTwo: Establishing distribution networks.

  • Changes in the distribution system: transition from state-controlled to private sector
  • How to work with newly established private pharmacies: payment terms, consignment methods
  • Purchasing mechanism in the healthcare sector
  • The evolving network of private distributors, wholesalers &;amp pharmacies
  • Defining the functions of the newly formed distribution bodies in the Central Asian States and the services they provide
  • Ms Karieva, President, Dzhurabek, Uzbekistan
    Ms G Aitkhozhina, General Director, Iske Set, Kazakhstan
    Mr Cholponbaev, General Director, Pharmimpex, Kyrghyzstan
    Mr A Abayev, General Director, Turkmenpharmacia, Turlmenistan

    11.00 Coffee

    11.30 Session Three: Choosing the right marketing and promotional strategy in the area

  • Market research data. How far do records go back? Statistics: are they reliable? Who are the top suppliers and which are the leading products in the market?
  • Which marketing tools would work in the region?
  • Selecting and adjusting appropriate marketing and promotional techniques for the Central Asian and Caucasian markets
  • Will successful techniques in Russia and Turkey transplant to these different circumstances?
  • Establishing your brands in the area
  • Advertising and promotional channels: what media are available? at what cost?
  • Mr N Derbil, Export Manager, Sandoz Urunleri, Turkey
    Mr R Musneci, General Manager for Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Central Asia, Glaxo-Wellcome, London
    Mr Z Yazan, Export Manager, Eczacibasi, Turkey

    12.45 Lunch

    14.15 Session Four: Parallel sessions: OTC/Medical Equipment Market.

    Workshop A: OTC Products.

  • What products are in demand? Where are the sales opportunities?
  • Providing the customer with products and services they need
  • Does the distinction between the OTC and prescription drugs exist in Central Asia?
  • Marketing OTC products in the area.
  • Regulatory differences with regard to OTC medicines.
  • Distribution channels for OTC products
  • Ms A Battaglini, Regional Manager, Berlin-Chemie, Germany*
    Dr Arndt, Head of the Pharmaceutical Division, Bayer, Moscow*
    Prof. G Vakhidova, Medical Marketing Director, Director-Uzbekistan, Boehringer Ingelheim, Uzbekistan
    *=invited speaker

    Workshop B: Medical Equipment

  • Medical equipment needs for the area
  • Marketing medical equipment
  • Means of supplying medical equipment to the area
  • Dr G Abedin, Head of Department, Medical Equipment, Siemens, Uzbekistan
    Mr A Khalimon, Sales Manager, Central Asian region, General Electrics, Moscow

    15.30 Tea

    15.45 Session Five: Regional Case Studies. Problems and Solutions.

    Mr C Colakoglu, Area Manager, Central Asia, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan, Eli Lilly Suisse, Kazakhstan
    Mr Belgener, Head of Representation office, Sanavita, Turkey
    Mr G Lifshits, Head of Representation office, CPH, Moscow

    16.15 Final Plenary Session: Speakers from earlier sessions will join in an extensive question and answer discussion between the panel and the audience

    16.45 Approximate close of the conference

    Western Professional Advisors

    Leading partners from prominent western advising and consulting groups will join the industry and governmental speakers in many sessions.

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