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The Amnesia of Reform: A Review of Post-Communist Privatization

By Peter Young & Paul Reynolds

The purpose of economic reform and privatization has been forgotten or even deliberately ignored in Post-Communist countries. Firms are privatized in an unreconstructed and shoddy state, shareholders have no power, monopoIies are protected, confIicts between ministries continue. UK poIicy must change to ensure that reform is effective. The authors outline new ways to overcome the problems and make privatization popular and beneficial.

40pp 1994 ISBN 1-873712-52-9 UK Price: 25 (27 elsewhere)

The Manual on Privatization

Edited by Dr Eamonn Butler & Dr Madsen Pirie

The complete guide to privatization, drawn from papers in The Mechanics of Privatization, Privatization in Practice, and Privatization Now! - with specially commissioned new material. The world is tuming private, and the policy machinery which is tuming it was made in Britain - The Times

240pp 1991 ISBN: 1-870109-74-0 UK Price: 75 (79 elsewhere)

Privatization in the Nineties

Edited by Dr Eamonn Butler

Privatization can spread wealth and reduce budget deficits in post-communist and developing countries, say contributors to the Sixth London Conference on Privatization, including Guy de Selliers, Eduardo Modiano, Ibrahim Elwan & Ustun Sanver.

41 pp 1992 ISBN: 1-873712-21-9 UK Price: 24 (26 elsewhere)

The Mechanics of Privatization

Experts at the First London Conference on Privatization explain the nuts and bolts of privatization - how to deal with interest groups, choosing the best strategy for each service, and managing the sale.

72pp 1988 ISBN: 1-879109-20-1 UK Price: 38 (40 elsewhere)

Moldova: Privatization Plan

Review of the Moldovan reform experience, the legal framework for reform, voucher, auction and sale plans, and future strategy.

126pp 1993 ISBN 1-873712-40-5 UK Price: 65 (67 elsewhere)

Mongolia: Privatization Plan

Current situation, key issues, objectives, priorities, plans for bankrupt firms, regulatory reform, and skills development.

73pp 1994 ISBN 1-873712-56-1 UK Price: 65 (67 elsewhere)

Privatization: Theory, Practice, and Choice

By Dr Madsen Pirie

The leading privatization theorist explains the 22 different methods of privatization and commercialization, with practical examples of each.

274pp 1988 ISBN:0-7042-3102-X UK Price: 28 (30 elsewhere)

Eastern Promise

By Paul Reynolds & Peter Young

The international privatization experts show how the West can best help the former communist countries - in clarifying the objectives of economic transformation, pushing for price liberalization and organizing the rapid transfer of state assets to owners who really care about how they are used.

143pp 1992 ISBN: 1-873712-20-0 UK Price: 65 (68 elsewhere)

Privatization in Practice

Themes from the Second London Conference on Privatization include share issues, protecting consumers, strategies for developing countries, and infrastructure finance.

79pp 1988 ISBN: 1-870109-37-6 UK Price: 40 (42 elsewhere)

Privatization East and West

East European ministers and Western investors and advisers review the experience of reform and assess what lessons can be drawn. From the Fifth London Conference on Privatization. Contributors include Peter Lilley, Brian Pomeroy, and Guy de Selliers.

112pp 1992 ISBN:1-873712-14-6 UK Price: 60 (62 elsewhere)

Privatization Now!

From the Third London Conference on Privatization: political objectives, popular capitalism, sales without stockmarkets, reviving lossmakers, contracting-out local services, and private finance of infrastructure.

112pp 1990 ISBN: 1-870109-75-9 UK Price: 50 (52 elsewhere)

Privatization: Theory and Practice (Video)

Leading practitioners review the practicalities and pitfalls of privatization in development.

45min1988 PAL/SECAM/NTSC UK Price: 40 (45 elsewhere)

Privatization and Economic Revival

Strategies for developing and post-communist countries, including the fund and voucher concepts and contract management of state industries: from the Fourth London Conference. Contributors include Sir Geoffrey Howe, Dr Ernest Stern, Dr H R Zayyad, Krysztof Stupniki.

128pp 1991 ISBN: 1-870109-93-7 UK Price: 60 (62 elsewhere)

The Seventh London Conference on Privatization

Papers from the London Conference, including contributions by Sir William Ryrie, William Thomson, and Jean-Francois Rischard.

1993 ISBN: 1-873712-41-3 UK Price: 65 (67 elsewhere)

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