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Minimum Wage Costs Jobs

By Prof Richard Vedder & Prof Lowell Gallaway

In response to current debate, the report dispels the myth that a minimum wage increases living standards for unskilled workers. Research reveals how each minimum wage increase has destroyed jobs and increased unemployment, especially amongst teenagers, and non-whites - the groups it was supposed to help!

24pp 1995 ISBN: 1-873712-62-6 UK Price: 10 (12 elsewhere)

Why Not Work? A Radical Solution to Unemployment

By Sir Ralph Howell

Instead of giving people benefit when they do not work, we should be giving them more money if they do. Ralph Howell builds on the workfare principle and shows how to apply it in the UK.

34pp 1991 ISBN: 1-873712-00-6 UK Price: 15 (17 elsewhere)

Taming the Trade Unions

By Charles Hanson

Mrs Thatcher's trade union reforms from the Winter of Discontent through Grunwick, Wapping, and the Coal Strike - and their effect. We have much yet to learn about how to manage human resources in this new age.

179pp 1991 ISBN:0-333-55902-9 UK Price: 15 (17 elsewhere)

Incentive Through Ownership

By Michael G Bell

The report says employee share plans fail to motivate because they involve small stakes in large companies - Financial Times

62pp 1989 ISBN: 1-870109-69-4 UK Price: 28 (30 elsewhere)

Why Unemployment?

By Sir Ralph Howell

Can we end the perverse tax incentives that cause poverty?

31pp 1985 ISBN:0-906517-80-X UK Price: 5 (6 elsewhere)

Fair Shares for All the Workers

By lan Taylor, with a foreword by Louis Kelso

Tax changes would encourage the development of employee share ownership plans in Britain, says a report - Financial Times

33pp 1988 ISBN: 1-870109-39-2 UK Price: 16 (18 elsewhere)

A Social Charter for Ownership

By Peter Young

Not a corporatist social charter for worker representation on company boards, but real worker ownership through company ESOP schemes.

42pp 1990 ISBN: 1-870109-73-2 UK Price: 20 (22 elsewhere)

How Sweden Works

By Peter Stein

Could Sweden's benefit system be a model for UK workfare?

24pp 1989 ISBN:0-906517-29-9 UK Price: 5 (6 elsewhere)

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