Publication List

The Eastern Market

By Michael Bell

Eastern European countries should create their own free trade, free market area - not aim to join the EC.

24pp 1996 ISBN: 1-873712-71-5 UK Price: 14 (16 elsewhere)

Bricks in the Wall

By Daniel Moylan

Or how to build a Fortress Europe while denying the intention.

29pp 1989 ISBN: 1-870109-51-1 UK Price: 15 (17 elsewhere)

EurOmega Project: A Bill of Rights for Europe

By Sean Gabb

Could the US Constitution provide pointers for the future of Europe?

XXpp 1993 ISBN: 1-873712-05-7 UK Price 20 (22 elsewhere)

EurOmega Project: A Constitution for Europe

By Frederick de Lisle & William Forrest

The EC bureaucracy must be restrained by a constitution which gives member states a clear right to withdraw if they choose.

27pp 1990 ISBN: 1-870109-92-9 UK Price: 10 (12 elsewhere)

EurOmega: Agriculture

By Linda Whetstone et al

All price subsidies for EC farmers should be phased out, according to a report by a prominent free-market think tank -The Times

48pp 1991 ISBN: 1-870109-97-X UK Price: 18 (20 elsewhere)

Wider Still and Wider

How far can EC enlargement go? Is it a way of halting centralism?

31pp 1990 ISBN: 1-870109-77-5 UK Price: 14 (16 elsewhere)

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