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Mobilizing the Markets

By John Redwood

London must pioneer private infrastructure projects and innovate if it is to remain a leading centre for insurance, investment, equities and currency dealing.

33pp 1991 ISBN: 1-873712-04-9 UK Price: 16 (18 elsewhere)

Banking on the Future

Edited by lain Smedley

Privatizing the Bank of England will remove political interference and provide a better way to fight inflation. A new regulator would extend competition by licensing competitors to the Bank.

55pp 1993 ISBN 1-873712-42-1 UK Price: 24 (26 elsewhere)

The Report of the Bullion Committee of 1810

Edited by Eamonn Butler

A fully updated edition of one of the most important documents in the history of monetarism. Facing the problems of falling exchange rates and rising inflation, the authors of 1810 came firmly to the conclusion that an over-expansion of paper money was the root cause, and proposed measures to end it.

59pp 1984 ISBN:0-906517-44-3 UK Price: 10 (11 elsewhere)

Origins of the German Social Market Economy

By Konrad Zweig

The roots of the German economic miracle of the Ordo liberals.

48pp 1980 ISBN: 1-873712-03-0 UK Price: 5

Exorcising Inflation

By Charles Hanson

Governments should aim for zero inflation, since even moderate inflation leads to higher interest rates, business failures and ultimately higher unemployment. Monetary policy should be taken out of the hands of the Treasury and put under the control of the Bank of England, as in the successful example of New Zealand.

29pp 1993 ISBN: 1-873712-31-6 UK Price: 15 (18 elsewhere)

The Suffolk Bank: A Free-Market Clearing System

By Dr George Trivoli

A free enterprise bank clearing system operated with great success in Massachusetts between 1825 and 1858, bringing stability to a situation where competing banks issued their own notes.

28pp 1979 ISBN:0-906517-01-X UK Price: 8 (9 elsewhere)

Milton Friedman: A Guide

By Dr Eamonn Butler

A comprehensive guide to the thought of monetarism's leading advocate. Beginning with an overview of his life and work, the book goes on the look at the theoretical and practical details of his monetary economics and his view of the superiority of the market system over government intervention.

272pp 1985 ISBN:0-85117-261-X UK Price: 25 (27 elsewhere)

The Fundamentals of Austrian Economics

By Thomas C Taylor

A thorough introduction to the modern microeconomics revolution, as pioneered by Cari Menger and carried on by F A Hayek, Ludwig Lachmann, and Israel Kirzner. Explains the Austrian theory of the business cycle, why central planning fails, and the deficiencies of textbook equilibrium and perfect-competition theory.

68pp 1981 ISBN:0-906517-15-X UK Price: 12 (13 elsewhere)

Ludwig von Mises

By Dr Eamonn Butler

This critical biography of the stalwart defender of the market economy. Mises - tutor of Hayek and many of the leading figures in the Austrian School of economics - gives us many insights into what is wrong with textbook economics.

365pp 1988 ISBN:0-566-05752-2 UK Price: 23 (26 elsewhere)

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