Publication List

Ex Libris

By Douglas Mason

Disrespectful it certainly is and it will arouse rage in the arts world. But it must be taken seriously - The Times

43pp 1986 ISBN: 0-906517-91-5 UK Price: 25 (27 elsewhere)

The Art of the State

Prof John Pick, Sir Kingsley Amis, et al

The Institute says public funding is often shamelessly abused in the name of art - The Independent

25pp 1989 ISBN: 1-870109-44-9 UK Price: 12 (14 elsewhere)

Transmission to the Private Sector

By Keith Boyfield

The BBC has been granted leave to carry on for another decade; but should it continue in exactly its present form? Boyfield asks whether the Corporation's physical network of land transmitters might best be restructured as a joint venture or a privatized company, and explores the potential benefits of the change.

41pp 1995 ISBN: 1-873712-59-6 UK Price: 18 (20 elsewhere)

What Price Public Service?

By Will Bracken & Scott Fowler

Revolutionizing the BBC through a public share offer, advertising and sponsorship.

35pp 1992 ISBN: 1-873712-26-X UK Price: 20 (22 elsewhere)

Expounding the Arts

By Douglas Mason

... that venerable think-tank which resides in Westminster, the Adam Smith Institute, calls for an end to all state subsidy of the arts... public subsidy encourages idleness and affectation in artists, as well as arrogance among the patronage-dispensing classes - Auberon Waugh, Literary Review

54pp 1987 ISBN: 1-870109-05-8 UK Price: 18 (20 elsewhere)

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