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Knowledge, Evolution, and Society

By F A Hayek

The Nobel laureate on the evolution of liberal societies. Our essential laws and institutions have arisen through free co-operation without being designed by anyone., socialism still appeals, but only because it satisfies our primitive instincts.

57pp 1983 ISBN:0-906517-31-1 UK Price: 8 (9 elsewhere)


By Dr Madsen Pirie

Public Choice theory has shown the limits of government. Its creative counterpart is Micropolitics, which shows how the choices made by individuals can cumulatively build a new reality. Political success is based on overcoming vested interests.

304pp 1988 ISBN:0-7045-3103-8 UK Price: 28 (30 elsewhere)

Hayek: His Contribution

By Eamonn Butler

A non-technical account of the work of one of today's greatest liberal scholar: the nature of society, his critique of social justice, defence of the market, how competition works, and proposed institutions fora new liberal order.

168pp 1983 ISBN:0-85117-234-2 UK Price: 8 (9 elsewhere)

Adam Smith's Legacy: His Thought in our Time

By Norman Barry, William Letwin, Nicholas Ridley MP, Dr Jeremy Shearmur, Prof Edwin G West, et al

Prominent academics, journalists and politicians highlight the historical contribution of Adam Smith and the role of his ideas in the shaping of modern economic thinking.

150pp 1990 ISBN: 1-870109-84-8 UK Price: 15 (17 elsewhere)

Does Socialism Mean Never Having to Say You're Sorry?

By Prof Kenneth Minogue

European Socialists should abjectly apologise, says Prof Minogue. They blew it, and the ruin they caused is now clear. We should all admit our past mistakes.

20pp 1990 ISBN: 1-870109-81-3 UK Price: 8 (9 elsewhere)

Hayek - A Tribute

Moving 24-minute video exposition of the life and influence of Nobel Laureate F A Hayek, including rare early photographs frorn the Hayek family collection.

1993 PAL/NTSC UK Price: 16 (18 elsewhere)

Readings in Liberalism

Edited by Dr Detmar Doering

Classic and essential texts from Locke, Smith, Bastiat, Burke, Mill, Hume, Hayek, Mises, and others.

94pp 1995 ISBN: 1-873712-39-1 UK Price: 15 (16 elsewhere)

Hayek on the Fabric of Human Society

By Max Hartwell, Antony Flew, Arthur Shenfield, Samuel Brittan et al

Leading scholars discuss the work of the century's rnost distinguished thinker on liberalism. Covering every aspect of Hayek's work outside pure economics - the nature of law, justice, redistribution, and the debate between liberals and conservatives.

167pp 1987 ISBN:0-906517-84-2 UK Price: 15 (16 elsewhere)

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