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Rethinking the Environment

By Russell Lewis et al

The comprehensive reader on market environmentalism. In this exceptional collection of pithy articles, leading experts show how to tackle our most urgent problems using market forces instead of bureaucratic intervention.

126pp 1992 ISBN: 1-873712-22-7 UK Price: 25 (28 elsewhere)

The Market in Environment

By Robert Taylor

Taylor shows that environmental goods not only can be provided by the market, but are being provided by private entrepreneurs and conservation groups. He catalogues how to tackle other environmental problems - from water shortages to ivory poaching - using market principles.

65pp 1992 ISBN: 1-873712-09-X UK Price: 25 (27 elsewhere)

The Environmental Alphabet

By Russell Lewis

The complete glossary on enviro-nonsense, from acid rain to zoos.

44pp 1993 ISBN: 1-873712-38-3 UK Price: 18 (20 elsewhere)

Room for Improvement

By Douglas Mason

The report which proposed tenant self-management action trusts. An anarchist idea? A syndicalist one? No. This time the proposal comes from the Adam Smith Institute - The Economist

66pp 1985 ISBN:0-906517-78-8 UK Price: 30 (32 elsewhere)

Why Wasteland?

By Dr John Loveless

The land economist finds that nearly 90% of urban wasteland is owned by local councils. He proposes radical planning changes to end the blight.

38pp 1987 ISBN:0-906517-98-2 UK Price: 18 (20 elsewhere)

An Environment for Growth

By Brian Waters, Prof Alan Evans, J T Eve, et al

Can new development be sited sensitively in the green belt? Do we need a new planning system that will put the national interest ahead of local nimbyism?

64pp 1987 ISBN: 1-870109-12-0 UK Price: 35 (37 elsewhere)

Altered Estates

By Prof Alice Coleman, David Coleman, Paul Beresford, Tim Melville-Ross, et al

Crime and vandalism on housing estates can be eliminated by correcting some important design faults, and new Iife brought to them by innovative public-private partnership involving local people.

49pp 1988 ISBN: 1-870109-32-5 UK Price: 25 (27 elsewhere)

Streets Ahead

By Nicholas Elliot

Streets controlled by resident groups, with their own security patrols and gates to block out traffic, could restore decaying areas, the Adam Smith Institute claims -Local Government Chronicle

29pp 1989 ISBN: 1-870109-59-7 UK Price: 14 (16 elsewhere)

A Moving Experience

By Edward Brooks

Brooks shows how to simplify the English system of selling houses: a hybrid of the Scottish system, but with open bidding, and legally binding house log-books.

22pp 1990 ISBN: 1-870109-87-2 UK Price: 10 (12 elsewhere)

Retail Rents: Fair and Free Market?

By Prof John Burton

Britain's high streets wiII be blighted by more empty shops for as long as we have a system that can produce rent increases of 1000% and more. Do we need to restore transparency to the market that is no longer free?

101pp 1992 ISBN: 1-873712-16-2 UK Price: 35 (39 elsewhere)

Vision, Identity, and Environment

By Sir James Goldsmith

Anglo-French entrepreneur Sir James Goldsmith is calling for a radical plan to save tropical forests: pay Latin American countries not to chop them down - Washington Times

15pp 1990 ISBN: 1-870109-80-5 UK Price: 5 (6 elsewhere)

Wiser Counsels: The Reform of Local Government


Shedding a Tier: The Reform of Local Government in Scotland

By Douglas Mason

Proposes single-tier local councils run by paid professionals. Some of these would become community companies, with the residents as shareholders exercising genuine control under company law. The influential group of academics says local government structures will soon become outmoded - The Guardian

Wiser Counsels: 60pp 1989 ISBN: 1-870109-49-X. Shedding a Tier: 60pp 1989 ISBN: 1-870109-50-3 UK Price (each): 30 (32 elsewhere)

There Goes the Neighbourhood

By Hartley Booth

Neighbourhood watch shows how local spirit can be tapped. So extend the idea to new schools, elderly care, helping fledgling enterprises, and environmental clean-ups.

32pp 1994 ISBN 1-873712-49-9 UK Price: 16 (18 elsewhere)

The Tender Traps

By David Hunt, Steve Evans, David Thompson, David Saunders, et al

Going to tender saves councils an average 17% on service costs, while actually going to contract saves an average 22%. But the process of tendering needs to be tightened up to prevent abuse.

72pp 1990 ISBN: 1-870109-82-1 UK Price: 30 (32 elsewhere)

The Green Quadratic

Four ideas on planning, housing, and environmental policy.

37pp 1988 ISBN: 1-870109-26-0 UK Price: 16 (18 elsewhere)

Livingston plc I Presume?

By Douglas Mason

Looking at the future of new town developments, Mason concludes that the most representative system would be to incorporate them, with local residents enfranchised as shareholders in the new company towns.

16pp 1988 ISBN: 1-870109-34-1 UK Price: 5 (7 elsewhere)

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