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Tomorrow's Way: The Management of Roads in a Free Society

By John Hibbs & Gabriel Roth

New roads built with private capital and paid for by tolls; prices rising on congested roads; people leaving their cars at home instead of adding to the jam: two of the world's leading transport economists look at the global experience of road pricing and show how the idea could work in the UK.

35pp 1992 ISBN: 1-873712-06-5 UK Price: 24 (26 elsewhere)

Wheels Within Cities

By Prof Gabriel Roth & Anthony Shepherd

Not only large-scale systems are capable of providing efficient city transport services. Drawing on evidence from alI over the world, this book argues for small-scale private alternatives, and outlines a programme by which the benefits of competition can be introduced.

89pp 1984 ISBN: 0-906517-42-7 UK Price: 14 (15 elsewhere)

Traffic in the City

Road pricing and other mechanisms to relieve urban congestion.

32pp 1989 ISBN: 1-870109-54-6 UK Price: 15 (17 elsewhere)

New Roads to Finance

Paul Channon, Nick Ayland, Sir Clive Sinclair, et al

Expert authors examine the practicalities of building privately owned roads, financed by tolls, with an innovative proposal for public infrastructure bonds.

30pp 1989 ISBN: 1-870109-55-4 UK Price: 14 (16 elsewhere)

Green Machines

By Dr Madsen Pirie

Using tax concessions to promote low-pollution electric cars.

22pp 1990 ISBN:1-870109-89-0 UK Price: 10 (12 elsewhere)

Plane Commonsense: The Case for Feeder-Reliever Airports

By Keith Boyfield

London's airports could process an extra 30m passengers each year by the deveIopment of two sateIIite airports at Northolt and Redhill which could be used by smaller aircraft. The privatization of RAF Northolt and of air traffic control would help the scheme.

33pp 1994 ISBN 1-873712-55-3 UK Price: 18 (20 elsewhere)

Take-Off for Business

Kenneth Warren, lan Mcgrath, Mike Tierney, Clifford Paice, Patrick McLoughlin, et al

The UK's Adam Smith Institute has reinforced calls for a military airfield near London to be opened up for development as Britain's premier business airport - Flight International

37pp 1990 ISBN: 1-870109-90-2 UK Price: 25 (27 elsewhere)

Sky High: Airline Fares and European Regulation

By Dr Sean Barrett

Showing exactly how state-subsidized national carriers make passengers pay more for a poorer service. Dr Sean Barratt points out that average fare levels within Europe are now two-and-a-half times dearer than internal American fares. - The Times

80pp 1985 ISBN: 0-906517-66-4 UK Price: 15 (17 elsewhere)

The Right Lines

By Kenneth Irvine

The Adam Smith Institute envisages a two-stage sale of BR: the track and terminals privatized as a complete unit, and the individual services which run on the track - The Independent

38pp 1987 ISBN: 1-870109-0-31 UK Price: 16 (18 elsewhere)

Road to the Isles

By Douglas Mason

Scotland's ferries would prosper more if privatized, says Mason.

13pp 1988 ISBN: 1-870109-30-9 UK Price: 5 (7 elsewhere)

Track to the Future

By Kenneth Irvine

Irvine fleshes out his idea of a two-stage privatization of British Rail and refines his concept of a track authority with competing services running on its rails.

40pp 1988 ISBN: 1-870109-38-4 UK Price: 16 (18 elsewhere)

Fast Track Forward

By Kenneth Irvine

Calls for the creation of a system of high-speed tilting trains using the existing track network.

19pp 1990 ISBN:1-870109-86-4 UK Price: 10 (12 elsewhere)

New Ideas in Train

Michael Barclay, Kenneth Irvine & Anthony Shepherd

Piggybacking lorry containers on trains; new vehicles that can run on rail and road; and private trains competing for custom.

29pp 1989 ISBN: 1-870109-68-6 UK Price: 14 (16 elsewhere)

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