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Singapore v. Chile: Competing Models for Welfare Reform

By Dr Eamonn Butler, Mukul Asher & Dr Karl Borden

The authors argue that UK welfare reform should combine the best features of successful reforms in other countries, rather than copying any single model. Contrasting the system in Singapore with the Chilean model, they maintain that important lessons can be learnt. Where Chile highlights the significance of private management, Singapore shows the possible flexibility of new welfare provision. Both show the importance of moving to personalized, funded welfare accounts.

39pp 1996 ISBN: 1-873712-72-3 UK Price: 18 (20 elsewhere)

The End of the Welfare State

By Michael Bell, Eamonn Butler, David Marsland & Madsen Pirie

A viable and coherent alternative to state welfare, much reported for its practical proposals on how to replace the pay-as-you-go state pension system with a funded and personal alternative. Private lifetime savings accounts and the separation of the insurance and savings functions are all explored as the authors trace the social pathology of state welfare and explore practical solutions.

39pp 1994 ISBN 1-873712-45-6 UK Price: 25 (27 elsewhere)

Operation Underclass

By Madsen Pirie & Iain Smedley

Three radical new schemes to create work for the urban unemployed. Green cards will exempt those hiring long-term unemployed from tax and national insurance. In green light estates people will be able to start businesses without regulatory burdens. Under the benefit buyout scheme, long-term unemployed people can draw future benefits in advance as a lump sum to help capitalize a new business.

30pp 1994 ISBN 1-873712-54-5 UK Price: 10 (12 elsewhere)

Into the Voids: A Partial Solution to Homelessness

By Hartley Booth

All over the country there are empty or underused properties the result of bad management by public authorities or perverse tax incentives on private owners. Booth outlines an innovative paint to rent scheme to bring void property back into use to house the homeless.

20pp 1993 ISBN: 1-87371 2-35-9 UK Price: 12 (14 elsewhere)

Long Term Commitment: The Potential for LTC Insurance

By Prof Nick Bosanquet, Jim Webber, Dr Lothar Butz, et al

Experts look at the potential for insurance plans to provide care services for elderly and disabled people. Tax incentives could take some of the growing pressure off public-sector care providers.

56pp 1991 ISBN: 1-873712-08-1 UK Price: 28 (30 elsewhere)

Extending Care

By Dr Madsen Pirie & Dr Eamonn Butler

Tax incentives should be introduced to encourage people to provide for their independent care in old age and so reduce the financial burden on the state, a report from the Adam Smith Institute recommends - The Guardian

32pp 1989 ISBN: 1-870109-58-9 UK Price: 20 (22 elsewhere)

The Future of Community Care

Michael Forsyth, Anthony Byrne, Dr Patrick Carr, Lady Wagner, Antony Pitaccio, Peter Rickard, et al

Experts argue that self-regulation would be preferable to regulation by local authorities, avoiding the present conflicts of interest.

63pp 1989 ISBN: 1-870109-70-8 UK Price: 28 (30 elsewhere)

Fortune Accoun

Individuals should be able to opt out of the state welfare system into an individual, funded and privately managed "Fortune Account" which will provide lifetime insurance and basic pension benefits.This will allow people to accumulate savings when young, fit, and in work, in order to fund their needs in retirement or when unemployed, sick or disabled.

29pp 1995 ISBN: 1-873712-69-3 UK Price: 12 (14 elsewhere)

Needs Reform: The Overhaul of Social Security

The welfare system remains ineffective and inefficient. The alternative proposed is an internal market, in which private agencies compete to distribute benefits efficiently, using innovative techniques.

30pp 1989 ISBN: 1-870109-43-0 UK Price: 15 (17 elsewhere)

A Friend in Need: Based on an Idea by Frank Field

By Timothy Evans

People should be able to opt out of state unemployment insurance and into private provision through friendly societies or commercial insurers. The report outlines the history and effectiveness of friendly societies and explores how the idea might work today.

24pp 1990 ISBN: 1-870109-88-0 UK Price: 12 (14 elsewhere)

Mind the Children

Introducing the idea of child-care vouchers and tax credits.

30pp 1989 ISBN: 1-870109-64-3 UK Price: 10 (12 elsewhere)

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