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Opening up the Medical Monopoly

By David Gladstone

The restrictive practices of senior doctors mean that qualified specialists are unable to practise independently, while patients must wait longer than necessary for appointments and treatment. Gladstone shows how to open up the medical monopoly, while still maintaining high standards of care.

29pp 1992 ISBN: 1-873712-32-4 UK Price: 14 (16 elsewhere)

Unhealthy Competition? The Public-Private Mix in Health

By David Gladstone, Arthur Large, Eamonn Butler, et al

The internal market reforms have concentrated on liberalizing NHS providers. But has enough thought been put into the purchasing side of the equation? Prominent health experts ask what can be done to bring real market principles to bear on the entire healthcare service.

30pp 1993 ISBN: 1-873712-36-7 UK Price: 24 (26 elsewhere)

The Health of Nations

By Dr Eamonn Butler & Dr Madsen Pirie

... a seriously argued case for reorganization into GP-oriented health management units (HMUs). The proposals would introduce an internal market into the NHS - British Medical Journal

37pp 1988 ISBN: 1-870109-17-1 UK Price: 18 (20 elsewhere)

Health Management Units

By Dr Madsen Pirie & Dr Eamonn Butler

Explains in detail how HMUs would function. managers and doctors would have to provide good service, or lose funding as their patients went elsewhere.

43pp 1988 ISBN: 1-870109-10-4 UK Price: 22 (24 elsewhere)

The Health Alternatives

By Dr Eamonn Butler & Dr Madsen Pirie

The report which brought in the idea of tax cuts on private medical insurance for the elderly. it reviews the main reform proposals: vouchers, hypothecated health taxes, the internal market, etc.

40pp 1988 ISBN: 1-870109-23-6 UK Price: 20 (22 elsewhere)

The Mixture: Public and Private Sectors in Health Care

Dr Tony Newton, David Green, John Peet & Dr Arthur Levin

How partnership between public and private in health care can and should work. A series of small changes should add up to radical reform of the NHS.

18pp 1988 ISBN: 1-870109-31-7 UK Price: 9 (10 elsewhere)

Good Health: The Role of HMOs

By Dr Eamonn Butler

A thorough study of the working of Health Maintenance Organizations in the USA. Shows how the idea could be transferred into the NHS by setting up group practices of doctors as independent budgeting units.

43pp 1986 ISBN: 0-506917-92-3 UK Price: 18 (20 elsewhere)

The Price of Health

By Dr Heinz Redwood

Explores the relative costs and benefits of treatment by drugs and other methods, and the extent to which innovation is being reduced by European regulation.

59pp 1989 ISBN: 1-870109-60-0 UK Price: 40 (42 elsewhere)

European Pharmaceutical Policies

By Peter Young

A catalogue of the different European countries' regulations on research, manufacturing, testing, and marketing. Can Europe still compete?

53pp 1990 ISBN: 1-870109-79-1 UK Price: 28 (30 elsewhere)

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