The Next Generation Group serves as a meeting point for the next generation of leaders in business, academe, the professions, journalism and public policy. TNG meetings bring together like-minded individuals who espouse or want to learn more about free market ideas.

The Next Generation Group has a regular monthly meeting, alternating between lectures and receptions.

The Next Generation lectures are given by eminent economists and academics who focus, in a 25 minute address, on aspects of the market economy. Lectures are followed by a reception at the ASI's offices with the 'wine of the month' and gourmet sandwiches. Lecturers have included: Patrick Minford, David Marsland and Dennis O'Keeffe.

These are held at the ASI's offices and feature rosé champagne and canapés and a ten minute speech from 'whoever is in town'. Past speakers have included: Seb Coe MP, Danny Finkelstein (Conservative Research Dept), Matthew Parris (The Times), the Rt Hon Michael Portillo MP, the Rt Hon Peter Lilley MP and John Whittingdale MP.

Each December the group holds the Independent Seminar on the Open Society in Westminster. Both 6th form and university students attend this two-day event which invites approximately a dozen prominent speakers and covers all aspects of social and economic issues. Past speakers have included: the Rt Hon Michael Forsyth MP, Neil Hamilton MP, Professor Patrick Minford, David Henke (The Guardian), Professor Anthony Flew, Professor Kenneth Minogue and Labour MP Alan Howarth. In the evenings students adjourn to receptions, pizza parties, Quasar and other activities.

Several members of The Next Generation group have contributed policy proposals which have been incorporated into ASI initiatives. Two recent proposals from TNG members - job seekers' loans and sports vouchers - were presented to the government for incorporation into its programme of manifesto initiatives.

Members of The Next Generation group play a full part in the ASI activities including its seminars, conferences and receptions. TNG members have been on work study and work experience with the ASI itself or with organisations suggested by the Institute.

The Next Generation group was started after a suggestion from Sheldon Wilkie, now one of its active members. He pointed out that while the Adam Smith Institute produced challenging publications and held thought-provoking conferences, it did little for young people. His suggestion was taken up and has proved to be a success.

The penny-farthing bicycle used as the TNG logo is inspired by the penny-farthing logo from the cult TV series of the 1960s entitled The Prisoner, and revived many times since. Starring Patrick McGoohan, the series featured an ex-agent trapped by mysterious and powerful forces in a strange village. The series was a tribute to motivated individualism, and had a libertarian flavour to many of its episodes.

Membership of TNG is free of charge, please print off and complete this form and send to:

Adam Smith Institute
23 Great Smith Street
London, SW1P 3BL
Tel: 0171 222 4995 Fax: 0171 222 7544

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