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Over many years, the Institute's international advisers have developed in-depth expertise in helping to devise and bring to life practical market-based reforms in many different types of economy, including:

Thus the Institute's international advisers can bring a wealth of diverse international experience to bear in assisting ministers and top government officials - and even private corporations seeking to orientate strategies to changing international conditions.

Adam Smith International's market reform projects fall into five main types:Market-based economic reforms are, ultimately, political as well as economic. Reforms which ignore this fact have significantly less chance of success.

The Institute's international work is therefore designed to strengthen political and economic leadership - the foundation stone on which successful reforms are built.

Ideas into Practice - Around the World

Ministers and high officials from twenty countries at an informal gathering following one of the economic reform training workshops organized by the Adam Smith Institute in London.

Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia The Adam Smith Institute conducted an in-depth project to help the government revive the momentum of its economic reform programme. The Institute produced the definitive guidebook on Mongolian privatization for provincial governments and helped develop legislative reforms.
Quito, Ecuador Peter Young discussing the design of a reform and privatization programme for the Equadorean government with Carlos Romoleroux. The Adam Smith Institute has advised on modernising the government itself, anti-monopoly policy and on privatization.
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Peter Young and Paul Reynolds with Economy Minister Urazbaev. The Adam Smith Institute assisted Kyrgyz cabinet ministers develop their economic reform plans which included ground-breaking measures to integrate privatization and demonopolization.
Kishinau, Moldova An Adam Smith Institute team assisted the Moldovan government in preparing privatization policy and associated legislation. The Institute's team helped the government develop its innovative voucher privatization scheme. Here, Adam Smith advisers are seen visiting a dairy.
Muscat, Oman Paul Reynolds at the Oman Stock Exchange. The Adam Smith Institute advised the government on capital market development.

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