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The Adam Smith Record of Achievement

The Adam Smith Institute has earned its reputation thanks to a unique Record of Achievement, but does not rest on its laurels. An on-line copy of the ASI Bulletin is posted here each quarter to keep you up to date with the latest news on policy initiatives and developments.

A brief description of every publication currently in print is available under the following subject areas: World Privatization | Towards Deregulation | Neighbourhood & Environment | Transport for Tomorrow | Choice in Education | Social Policy | Health Policy | The Machinery of Government | Taxation | Employment & Incentives | European Policy | Issues in Economics | Arts & Libraries | The Justice System | The Liberal Outlook
The Adam Smith Subscribers Club

The Adam Smith Subscribers Club provides a simple mechanism for Individual Subscribers to support the continuing work of the Institute while enjoying a 25% discount on standard publications. Companies wishing to support the work of the Institute may do so as Corporate Subscribers, while libraries and institutions wishing to receive our new reports can do so as Institutional Subscribers.
The Next Generation Group

The Next Generation Group serves as a meeting point for the next generation of leaders in business, academe, the professions, journalism and public policy. TNG meetings bring together like-minded individuals who espouse or want to learn more about free market ideas.
Adam Smith Merchandize

An exquisite selection of gifts from the ASI, soon to be extended to include busts of Adam Smith made in a factory in Russia that used to make busts of the whole pantheon of communist idols. Oh dear, how sad, never mind.
Adam Smith Institute Conference Division

The separate Conference Division focuses the expertise of business people, economists, and policy-makers on new policy ideas and options. It's conference programme brings together decision makers from around the world. Government figures and business leaders meet to interface with each other on the complex issues involved in global progress towards a market economy.
Adam Smith International Division

The separate International Division provides in-country assistance to different governments around the world on a short term or long term project basis, through either agreed consultancy-type assignments, seminars, or high level discussion groups. Training courses on topics of worldwide interest are often held in London.
Media Contacts

Contact details for the relevant divisions of the ASI.

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