Photos from a visit to Abu Dhabi in 1988.

Part 3. Views from places in the Emirates outside Abu Dhabi city.

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The Bedia mosque, over on the East coast at Dibba, is the oldest in the UAE. Interestingly enough, Dibba was the last major outpost in the region to resist the tide of Islam and was razed to the ground in the seventh century. This mosque is thought to date from that period and, although situated in a very remote location, it looks to be well maintained. It is much smaller than you might imagine since you cannot really judge the size from the photo: it is about ten or twelve feet high.

So here is me doing my posing-tourist bit at a fort near Fujairah, also on the East coast.

There are some magnificent beaches on the East coast, on the left is a fishing village and on the right is the souk at Fujairah.

Back on the other coast, you can contrast the setting of the fishing village above, if memory serves, I think it is Sham, with the one on the East coast. The middle photo is of the fort at Umm Al Quwain, one of the Emirates. There are scores of forts and round towers throughout the UAE, the example on the right is on the coast road between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The souk at Sharjah is quite spectacular. There are two parallel halls joined at the middle by an ornate bridge.

These are two views of the interior, richly decorated as is typical. This souk had probably the best selection of shops in the UAE, so far as my own tastes in souvenirs and brick-a-brack is concerned.

There was a massive building project recently under way when I went out to visit the Liwa Oasis, they seemed to be levelling a very large area possibly in preparation for an airport. There were scores of giant earth-moving machines scattered around which, when the project is completed, will be abandoned if past practise is anything to go by. The view on the right is the approach to a desert village, taken from the side of the road. These desert 'roads' seemed to me to be just sand mixed with cement to bind it together and give a firm surface to drive on, although the main roads were the usual tarmac roads.

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Updated: 24/01/96

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