Photos from a visit to Abu Dhabi in 1988.

Part 2. Views in Abu Dhabi city away from the Corniche road.

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This is the old watch tower guarding the access to Abu Dhabi island at the Maqta Bridge.

A mosque and two views of the Ministry of Public Works. You might be getting fed-up looking at pictures of mosques, well there are a lot of them about and they are all different, besides which, in keeping with Sheikh Zayed's decree on there being a mosque every kilometer I thought I'd have a photo of one every ten frames!

On the left is the Sheikh's new dhow under construction, being built in solid teak and absolutely gorgeous, the ornate carving looked superb. This was in the middle of a large and active building yard although it looked deserted when I wandered round, everyone else was avoiding getting their brains baked. The workmen come from Pakistan and live in shanty huts around the rim of the yard. In the middle photo is the Sheikh's old dhow which he gave to be turned into a restaurant, and on the right is a fountain on Airport Road which incorporates a cermonial dhow.

Some views at the souks, a garden in the middle of one, two stalls typically overhanging with merchandise, and one of many gold traders. If you see a trinket you like, you simply pay for it by weight at the going rate, the workmanship adds no value to it.

This is me back up on the roof again, looking back into the city over a busy crossroads. To the left of the crossroads you can see another park, and the photo on the right is the same park, I've turned to the left, a little later in the evening with the fountain all lit up ....

.... while this is the same park during the day, to give you some idea of how lush with vegetation they are. In case you are thinking this is all pretty ho-hum, I thought I would remind you of where in the world we are, this is a desert land however keen they are on 'greening the desert'.

I hope you have enjoyed this quick tour round the UAE as much as I enjoyed mine, these pictures bring back many happy memories of a sincere and friendly country. I'd like to dedicate these pages to Wadah A Al Qaisi who loaned me several items from his camera kit to take these photos with.

Click on Part 1 to see photos along the Corniche road in Abu Dhabi, or click Part 3 to see photos from elsewhere in the United Arab Emirates.

Updated: 30/01/96

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